All FTP Servers In Bangladesh (BDIX)

Need bangladeshi ftp server guys? Then check here because here you will get All FTP Servers In Bangladesh (BDIX) and latest ftp movie servers that’s working perfectly for everyone. Do you know why people want to use ftp movie servers to download movies? Only ftp movie server is a platfrom where user will get high speed download facilites and also can download multiple thing such as games, movies, software, tutorials, etc. Most of the ftp server provides more than 100Mbps download speed and 200Mbps Upload speed. Even though, this 150 Best Ftp servers bd are fully loaded with different types of movies as like Hindi dubbed, Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, etc.

Check out the list to get the perfect bdix ftp server in bangladesh. My dear movie lovers, i built this list with my own testing and reacharcsing on different types on ISP’s Broadband Connection. So, check this special list of active ftp servers in bangladesh and experience a super fast downloading Speed by using ftp server’s site with bdix connection.

:::: 150 Best Ftp servers in Bangladesh ::::

  1. ICC FTP Server
  2. Samonline FTP Server 
  3. Samonline Movie Server
  4. Unique FTP Server
  5. VdoMela FTP Server
  6. FTP IP Server 
  7. Cinema Bazar FTP
  8. FTP IP Movie Server
  10. AlphaMedia FTP Server
  11. BossBD FTP Server
  12. DnetBD Drive FTP
  13. Dhaka – FTP Server
  14. CircleNetwork FTP
  15. Movie Haat FTP
  16. B.Net FTP Server
  17. FTP BD FTP Server 
  18. Stargate FTP Server
  19. Stargate Movie Server
  20. Media FTP Server
  21. Bdix FTP Server
  22. FTP IP Server BD
  23. New FTP Server
  24. FTP IP Server 4
  25. BDPLEX FTP Server
  27. Bnet FTP Server
  28. Link3 FTP Server
  29. IBox FTP Server
  30. Bangla FTP Server
  31. Link3 FTP Server
  32. Circle Network Server
  33. Discovery FTP Server
  34. DDN Live FTP Server
  35. Nagordola FTP Server

::::: 9 Best Software FTP Server BD :::::

  2. ICC FTP Server
  3. AlphaMedia FTP Server
  4. Planet Communications FTP Server
  5. BDPLEX FTP Server
  6. BossBD FTP Server
  7. DNET DRIVE FTP Server
  8. Midiplex FTP Server
  9. Link3 FTP Server

::::: 33 Best Movie FTP Server BD :::::

  1. Moviemela
  2. Moviehaat
  3. Showtimebd
  4. Naturalbd
  5. BinodonMela
  6. Bongo BD FTP Server
  7. Media FTP Server
  8. Vdomela
  9. MovieboxBD
  10. CinemaBazar
  11. Ihub Live
  12. Elacch Server
  13. Talmuri FTP Server
  14. Unique FTP
  15. Net at Home BD
  16. Naturalbd FTP Server
  17. iHub Live FTP Server
  18. Movie Box BD
  20. Cine Bioscope FTP
  22. Bokashoka FTP Server
  23. Weblink Communications FTP
  24. Movie Mela FTP Server
  25. Dekh Vai FTP Server
  26. Timepass BD FTP
  27. BD FUN FTP Server
  28. FTPBD Server
  29. ABC Flix BD Server
  30. DBIX Servers
  31. Bol Movies
  32. Movie Server
  33. Match Net
  34. BdixFtp Server

::::: 9 Best Game FTP Server :::::

  1. BossBD
  2. Sam online FTP Game Servers
  3. PC GAME FTP Server
  5. Global Communication Games
  6. Quick Online
  7. Panda Hub
  8. Net Metrix BD Server
  9. ShowTime

::::: 5 Best Torrent Servers BD :::::

  1. Torrentbd
  2. Crazyhd
  3. PSArips
  4. Dhaka Torrent
  5. Kickass Torrents

::::: 22 Best Live TV FTP BD :::::

  1. ICC FTP Live TV
  2. SAM Online Live
  3. Gtv Live
  4. BDIX Media TV
  5. T Sports BD
  6. Amar BD
  8. Ebox TV
  9. JagoBD TV
  11. B Live TV FTP
  12. Ragdhanu TV
  13. BossBD Live TV
  14. Bangla Flix TV FTP
  15. Iflix_TV FTP
  16. Star flix_TV FTP
  17. LIVE TV FTP Server N
  18. Live TV-2 FTP Server
  19. Live TV-3 FTP
  20. Bioscope Live TV FTP
  21. LIVE TV 5
  22. Bdtv TV FTP Server

Before using any of those ftp server bd, must use a vpn softwere which protect your Internet address from third party source. As soon as possible we will publish a review blog post about VPN Softwere. So, keep eye on our website.


In this post, I tried to cover the all most All FTP Servers In Bangladesh (BDIX Supported). So, if you get any help from this blog post then please share it on your social media account with your friends. However, if you have any question then let me know by drop a comment.

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