Top 10 Movie FTP Server in Bangladesh 2023

Movies are a way of Entertainment that is loved by different people of different ages. Nowadays, people are passing a machinery stressful busy life and every single person wants to escape the stress and boring time by watching their favorite movies. When a person watches his favorite movies, his body releases dopamine Hormones which will give pleasure.

In this modern era, Watching movies is a normal way to hunt pleasure. Every person does it and everyone has different tastes and segments. In this modern time, people can access unlimited movie treasures with a single click from home with an internet connection. Even at this moment, there have been a lot of media companies built their own OTT platform for Movie seekers and those are becoming popular day by day.

However, In Bangladesh FTP servers are more popular than OTT platforms because Movies FTP servers provide free service to all. Here, you will get the Top 10 Movie FTP Server in Bangladesh 2023. To know more check the full articles.

About FTP Movie Server

The phrase “FTP Movie Server” is a popular keyword nowadays because every single day thousands of people search for this tiny word on search engines. It is an awesome thing because it has provided free movies like the OTT platform. However, if you are also looking for a fantastic movie server then you should read this article properly to get some active and fresh quality FTP server for movies.

What is a Movie FTP Server?

An FTP Movie Server refers to a type of file server that uses the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to store and share movie files. In this context, a movie server would typically host a collection of movie files that users can access and download using FTP client software. We spend a lot of time on the internet to find so many active and working FTP Movie Server for our website users. So, if you can check it out from here.

BDIX Movie Server (Active)

A BDIX Movie Server is a dedicated server located within Bangladesh Internet Exchange (BDIX), a local Internet exchange point. This server is designed to provide high-speed access to a vast library of movies and multimedia content for users in Bangladesh.

There are many websites and blogs available where you will get Bdix Movie server links or addresses but not all those servers are working properly. So, that’s why you need only an active bdix movie server to accomplish your desire.

All Movie FTP Server In One

Currently, there are many ISP companies in Bangladesh that have created FTP file servers under their own supervision. These servers are open only for customers of those ISP companies. Any user cannot use those FTP servers only registered customers can use those FTP movie servers. I have personally checked the FTP servers of all the ISP companies in Bangladesh one by one and closed only the active servers. So articles you will get all active ftp movie servers in Bangladesh.

Top 10 FTP Server For Movies

Check these amazing FTP Servers and get a full dose of entertainment by watching movies. All of those servers are updated on a daily basis, must use any of this movie servers with BDIX connected internet to get better speed and a better experience.

ICC FTP Movie Server

ICC FTP Movie Server
ICC FTP Movie Server

ICC FTP Movie Server is also known as ICC FTP Server and it is the biggest Movie Server, that is supported by BDIX. ICC Communication Limited is the main owner of this Movie Server. Also, ICC Communication Limited is associated with Nationwide ISP. If you are using ICC Broadband Internet then you can access this best BDIX Movie Server From Bangladesh.

Samonline Movie Server

Sam Online FTP

Samonline FTP or Samonline Movie Server is another biggest FTP Movie Server in Bangladesh and it is owned by Sam Online Limited ISP. Sam Online Is a product of Central Zone ISP. This highly reputed broadband network provides its service over Dhaka City. The Sam Online FTP Movie server is always updated with new things as well.

E-BOX Live FTP Server

E-Box FTP Server is a File transfer protocol-based storage server which is owned by Exord Online Limited. It has another popular name which is Exord Online FTP server. This ISP’s company also provides live TV and IP TV service. Whatever, it getting popular day by day for it BDIX TV option and media option.

Play Ebox Live
Fs Ebox Live
Tv Ebox Live

Circle Network FTP

Circle Network FTP stands out as a fast, efficient, and user-friendly file transfer solution. With its streamlined interface and intuitive design, users can easily navigate and initiate transfers without technical expertise. Circle Network FTP provides the latest movies and BDIX Tv service from the beginning.

Circle Network FTP


Circle FTP

Circle FTP is another biggest and popular media servers in Bangladesh. The mother company of this FTP server’s is Circle Network. It is quite good and fast and the interface of this FTP server is user-friendly. It is basically famous for its Media servers.

Circle FTP
HD Circle FTP
Emby Circle FTP

Nagordola FTP Server

Nagordola FTP Server is popular for Carnival Internet Limited. Because it is a product of Carnival ISP. However, it has an alternative name which is Carnival Internet FTP Server. Anyone can access this FTP movie server from below using the button.

Nagordola FTP

CTG Movies Server


CTG Movie Server is an old FTP site that has been controlled by Digital Dot Net Limited. However, this Internet service provider company has multiple ftp sites such as CTG Movies Server, Digital Dot Net FTP, and DDN FTP server. To access this server check the box and tap the button.

Ctgmovies FTP
Crazyctg FTP

NaturalBD Movie FTP Server

NaturalBD Movie Server is a third-party FTP site which is owned by XPress Technology. It even, it provides all types of movies and web series. Recently this Server set up a new domain which is popular by the name of New NaturalBD.

Naturalbd FTP


Moviemela FTP Server

Moviemela FTP Server gives good speeds to its users and it getting hive for this option. The reputed broadband company “Future Net Solution” owns it. This ISP network has provided their service over Uttara, Dhaka City. Moviemela FTP has a huge collection of different movies.

FTPBD Movie Server

The FTPBD Movie Server is the largest BDIX Movie Server in Bangladesh. This FTP Movie server is owned by Business Network ISP. Additionally, it is also known as Business Network FTP Server. It is famous for Live TV and Media services. Also, this FTP movie server is the reserve bank of newly released movies.

Media Ftpbd Net

Sunplex Movie Server

Sunplex Movie Server

Sunplex Movie Server is a good platform but not that much popular in Bangladesh. It has a collection of thousands of Hindi and English movies. Sunplex is a third-party-based FTP site. To check the Sunplex movie server check the box.

Sunplex Movie Server


Last Words

Movies transport us to captivating worlds, evoke emotions, and ignite imaginations. Dive into the magic of cinema with us as we explore, review, and discuss the latest blockbuster hits and timeless classics. The BDIX FTP Server and BDIX Movie Servers play a vital role because it fulfill the movie’s hunger for Bangladeshi Internet Users. By using a BDIX Connected Internet broadband connection user can enjoy their favorite movies easily from FTP Movie Server.

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