Carnival Internet FTP Servers (Movies & Live TV)

Carnival Internet FTP Is a product of Carnival Internet Limited. It is another biggest popular ISP network in Bangladesh. This ISP network has expanded its network coverage in different rural areas of Bangladesh. If you are using carnival internet and want to know about the Carnival Internet FTP server then this post can be helpful for you. To move out from the so-called movie site and use the safest ftp movie server with carnival internet and have experienced the next level of entertainment.

About Carnival Internet FTP

Carnival Internet ISP is like a wizard of fast connections, making sure you’re never stuck in buffering land. They offer different plans that suit your needs, and their customer service is like a safety net for your online adventures. With Carnival Internet ISP, slow internet becomes history. Also, Carnival Internet BD Offers the service like FTP and Movie Server which is really mind-blowing.

Indeed, Carnival Internet FTP server is a Dynamic platform where users will experience high-speed download. It’s changes the face of the so-called download server and puts your mind to the next level. To know more about the carnival ftp server and movie server site just check the active server link from below.

Carnival FTP Server Links (Official)

Carnival FTP Server

Carnival Tv Server Link

Carnival IP TV Link

Carnival CDN Server

Carnival Media Server

Carnival BD FTP

Carnival IP Address

Carnival Internet BD

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Carnival Internet TV Server (Active)

If you are a user of Carnival Internet Broadband Company then you must have a question in your mind that how to watch live TV online using Carnival Internet Broadband? Many people in Bangladesh currently use Carnival Internet and day by day the number of users of Carnival Internet Broadband is increasing.

Also, the number of people searching for the search engine Carnival Internet Broadband Live TV Server is increasing at an incalculable rate. Carnival Internet has some specific live TV servers for users and here are the links of all those live TV servers.

Live Tv Server

Carnival Internet FTP Server Link

Carnival Internet FTP Server Link

We have already given some information about FTP servers and server links on the Internet. Also, the link to the current active FTP server of Carnival Internet is given above. Moreover, many third-party servers can be accessed using Carnival Internet and if you want, you will get the active links of all those FTP servers on our website.

Remember to use premium quality VPN software before using all third-party websites and third-party FTP servers. Because VPN software helps keep your internet activity and internet identity secure.

How To Access Carnival Internet FTP?

To use Carnival Internet FTP you must use Carnival Internet Broadband. If you are already a user of Carnival Internet then you can easily access the Carnival FTP server by following the instructions given below.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Click on the URL bar of the browser
  3. Then type the Carnival Internet FTP link
  4. After that press enter button

Also, you can directly access this FTP server through our website if you want. To access the server directly from our website you just need to press the desired buttons and wait for a while. After pressing the button you will be sent directly to the home page of the server.

Why Carnival Internet FTP Server is Not Working?

Many users have emailed our website to know the answer to this question, so here we will try to answer this question simply.

Users may face various problems while opening this server many times in the browser. And the cause of the problems can vary from person to person. Below we have mentioned some reasons.

  1. Check Server Status: Verify if the server is operational by visiting any official website or contacting the server administrators for updates on its status.
  2. Connection Details: Ensure you’re using the correct FTP server address (hostname or IP), port number (usually 21 for FTP), username, and password. Make sure there are no typos or errors in these settings.
  3. Network Issues: Slow or unstable internet connections can lead to FTP connection problems. Test your internet connection’s stability and speed.
  4. Server Load: High server load can sometimes cause connection issues. If the server is experiencing heavy traffic, you might need to wait for the load to decrease.
  5. Passive Ports Configuration: If you’re using passive mode, ensure that the required range of passive ports is correctly configured and allowed through any firewalls or routers.


Finally, we can say that carnival internet bd is gaining huge popularity in Bangladesh and the number of users is increasing day by day. The widely popular FTP server of Carnival Internet is Nagordola FTP Server. A separate article about the Nagordola FTP Server was already published on our website, you can read this article if you want. Comment if you have any questions about the Carnival Internet FTP server or Carnival Internet Broadband. If you get any help from this post, don’t forget to share it on your social media account.

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