Ibox FTP Server IP Address

Ibox FTP server is the largest cloud based server and biggest online ftp server in Bangladesh. This FTP site has multiple menus which fully decorated by different genres. The homepage of IBox Ftp server has been decorated with Movies, Tv Series, Games, Software, Radio, And Ott Platform. Even, they also mentioned about some third party FTP servers name which they called Parnet FTP sites. In this post here clearly discuss about the IBox Ftp Server and Ibox live Tv Server.

About Ibox FTP

Ibox FTP is an ordinary Bangladeshi FTP site’s and the uniqueness of it is provide high download facilities. If you already used any ftp sites then you have ideas about FTP servers download and upload speed. As like other ftp site’s IBox FTP server doing the same things.

Thousands of internet users from Bangladesh will come to the search engine and look for good quality ftp server like as Ibox FTP server. For them IBox ftp server is a great place because all of their services are free of cost. However, Ibox ftp site’s has built a separate genre for movies where they mentioned different types of movies category named such as Hindi, English, Bangla, Tamil, Dubbed, Telugu, etc.

Do you want the Ibox FTP server ip address or its default gateway address then check below. Also, here we have given some Partners FTP servers of IBox live.


Ibox FTP Server

Ibox Tv Server

Ibox Movie Server

Movie Server


Ibox FTP Server

As we said, the Ibox FTP Server is another amazing movie server in Bangladesh. It also provides live tv service which is known as IP Tv. By using their IP Tv service a user can watch live tv channels directly from online with an internet connection.

If we talk about the Ibox FTP site’s then first we should mention the user interface. This FTP site’s really built a great user interface that has uniqueness and lightweight quality.

Mostly the menu of Ibox FTP site’s decorated simply and the design helps users to find all sections by taking a look at the menu list. We can’t skip the ibox ftp site’s genre because this site developer organizes every single category smoothly and it makes a charming look of the genre.

Here You Can Check More FTP Servers:




Nowadays many third-party websites have given their service online the same as Iboxbd. Basically, this tiny little site tried to give entertainment to its users.

Like as FTP server Ibox also offers IP Tv service for free. But that Ibox IP Tv platform is not open for the global user because this ftp site’s using BDIX Hosting and that’s why only the BDIX connection-supported user can access and use it as well.

IBOXBD FTP live servers organize by all types of genres such as Sports Channels, Bangla channels, English channels, Hindi Channels, Documentaries, and music. Even though, it has a separate genre for kid’s channels where they are listed on Cartoon channels.

Ibox Communications IP Address

This IP Address is the default gateway of Ibox FTP. It is the main route address that connects a user to the ibox file server.

Ibox have a different domain name which is the main default gateway and the IP address has a hidden connection with Ibox domain name. Nobody uses this IP address to access the ibox ftp server and we just give this information for educational purposes.

How To Access Ibox Online Ftp and Tv?

Accessing any website is not a big deal, to do it users just need a browser and a fast internet connection. To Access Ibox Online Ftp and Tv, you should follow the guideline and steps that have given below.

  1. Open Your Browser.
  2. Click on the URL Bar.
  3. Type the Site Link.
  4. Press the Enter Button.
  5. Also, You can bookmark this Page.
  6. Come to this Page.
  7. Find the Server Access Button.
  8. Click the Button.
  9. Wait and Enjoy.



Finally, it is important to be aware of the potential impact of movie download servers as like (Ibox FTP Server) on the film industry. Downloading movies for free can negatively impact the revenue and profits of the film industry, which can in turn affect the availability and quality of future movies. If you want more ftp server links then visit our website homepage. Also, if you have any questions then contact us or drop a comment.

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