Nagordola Live FTP & TV

Nagordola is another popular media FTP server that gets huge popularity over the bangladesh. After all it is a bangladeshi FTP server and people from bangladesh takes the golden opportunity to download their favorite cinemas, tv shows and web series from Nagordola FTP.

Every single people from bangladesh want a free platform that gives the opportunity of free download and stream service but unfortunately no company or platfrom has offered this type of free service like FTP site like nagordola. Only the FTP King Nagordola has provided free media content as well.

What point should be follow before using the nagordola ftp, live tv and media server? Generally user should need to consious about thier safety frist. To increase the safty level of user, they need VPN softwere. Only a VPN softwere hide Users ip and safe their personal deta from third party site’s or web tools.

Nagordola Live, FTP & TV

Nagordola Live Server

Nagordola FTP Server

Nagordola Movie Server

Nagordola Tv Server


Nagordola Movie Server

Nagordola Movie Server

Nagordola media platform has three different server such as FTP  Server, Live Tv Server and CND Server. Now the question is which one is nagordola movie server, is that question sink on your brain. Nagordola FTP server refer to nagordola movie server.

So, its simple to say that nagordola movie server is nothing different to nagordola ftp and CDN server.

There have nothing exist that user should know about nagordola movie server but one single fact that user should know which is nagordola’s all server only accessable with BDIX connected internet conncetion. If any user use sim internet and try to browse the Nagordola movie server then it will never work usally.

Carnival Ftp Server (Nagordola Live)

Is there any conncetion between Carnival Ftp Server and Nagordola live? Mainly the Carnival is an (ISP) internet service provider name and it provide their broadband service over the bangladesh. Nowadays it became popular and getting more famous day by day for their satisfying service.

Now the fact is carnival broadband not connected directly with nagordola live but is you are using carnival internet then nagordola live server will works properly with your connection. So, we can say that Carnival FTP Server refers to Nagordola Live.

Alternatives To Nagordola FTP

Nagordola Live Cricket Tv

Watching tv by using website through the Internet connection is called IP Tv Service and also it known as live tv server. Nagordola has its own live tv server where user will get so many bangladeshi tv channels and sports channels.

Here we have mentioned the links of nagordola live tv server. So you can check below to get the link of Nagordola Tv. Even you watch your favorite cricket match on Nagordola Live Tv.


What is Nagordola bd?
The Nagordola bd is a platfrom that prove media content service like watch Live TV, Movies, TV Series. Download Movies, TV Series, Games, Softwares. It has three different server for different service. One for media content and another for live service.

Does Nagordola have A Dedicated Ftp Server To Download Digital?
Lot of people ask that does Nagordola have A Dedicated Ftp Server To Download Digital? The clean answer is it does that means nagordola have two different server for digital download service.

How To Use Nagordola Live FTP?

To use this amaizing server user just need to be know the IP address or Port address of it. Nagordola server have three separate port address for different server which is also known as default gateway address.

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5. Enjoy digital download service

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