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>> We use cookies to learn more about the interaction of visitors with our content and improve the visiting experience with respect to our website.

>> The Internet service Bdix Tv Server only collects the information by means of so-called. “Cookies”. Cookies are small text files that collect during the visit to the information page on the user preferences. Cookies can be deleted anytime or blocked by the user by means of appropriate browser settings. We use cookies to personalize our website and improve its usefulness. Must note that we use cookies that no personal data of users detect.,

>> Cookies are used to:

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  • Gather statistics on the visits to our website that will help us to improve the structure and content of the page;

>> The following cookies are used in the context of the website:

  •  Session cookies are temporarily stored on the computer, while the visitor navigates through the site. These cookies are deleted when the user closes his web browser, logs off or when the session expires.
  • Persistent cookies (persistent cookies) remain until they are deleted on the visitor’s computer stored.
  1. UTMA – a cookie stored by Google Analytics
  2. UTMB – a cookie stored by Google Analytics
  3. UTMC – a cookie stored by Google Analytics
  4. UTMZ – a cookie stored by Google Analytics

First_entry- Cookie – is used to determine whether the user has viewed the page on your calendar.

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