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Bdiptv is the way to Watch Live TV Anytime, Anywhere in Bangladesh. Mainly, the word “BD IPTV” refers to Bangladeshi Internet Protocol Television. It indicates the all cable tv channels that are available in Bangladesh. Every day thousands of people are searching for “BD IPTV” on the search engine to find a platform where they can enjoy their favorite sports shows like football or cricket. But most people don’t know that IP TV service is not a free service at all.

Those websites which promise to provide free IP TV service in Bangladesh, most of them are fake or indirectly selling IP tv subscriptions. So, here we will share with you a way that you can use to watch BD IPTV for free.

Watch Live TV Online (BD IPTV)

How to watch live TV online from Bangladesh? Many people have this question in their mind and they rush to search engines to find the answer to this question. Are there really any websites in Bangladesh that provide live online TV Service? In fact, there are several popular online platforms where you can watch live TV, but those platforms do not stream any sports events like cricket, or football live.

Anyway, I am introducing you to the top ten BD IPTV servers to watch TV online in Bangladesh. Below I have listed the quotes links. Choose the server that suits your internet connection and enjoy the fun of watching TV online for free.

Top 10 BD IPTV Server In Bangladesh

  1. BDIPTV 01
  2. BDIPTV 02
  3. BDIPTV 03
  4. BDIPTV 04
  5. BDIPTV 05
  6. BDIPTV 06
  7. BDIPTV 07
  8. BDIPTV 08
  9. BDIPTV 09
  10. BDIPTV 10


Note: If you are already using broadband internet then you should look for a specific TV server for that broadband internet. Then if there is no TV server for your broadband then you can check the BDIP TV servers given here.

Check More FTP Servers On BdixTvServer:

  1. Bnet FTP
  2. Link3 FTP
  3. IBox FTP
  4. Bangla FTP
  5. Link3 FTP
  6. Circle Network
  7. Discovery FTP
  8. DDN Live FTP
  9. Nagordola FTP

How To Watch IPTV BD on Pc?


Do you want to watch live TV through a PC computer using the IPTV BD server? The way is actually very simple and you can watch TV directly from your computer without any hassle using an internet browser. First of all, bookmark our website. Then open this page of our website from your desktop computer browser. Select the BDIP TV server of your choice and click on it.

Keep in mind that not all BDIP TV servers listed here may work for you. Because currently there are many ISPs in Bangladesh and different BDIP TV servers are made for different ISPs. So we have given the active links of IP TV servers of the most popular ISPs in Bangladesh.


In conclusion, the availability of a BDIP TV server provided by Bangladeshi ISPs (Internet Service Providers) has brought significant advantages to consumers across the country. This service has revolutionized the way people access and enjoy television content, providing a convenient and flexible option for entertainment.

By offering an IPTV BD server, Bangladeshi ISPs have enabled users to stream their favorite TV channels, watch live sports events, catch up on news, and enjoy a wide range of entertainment directly on their devices, whether it’s a PC, smartphone, or smart TV. This innovation has not only enhanced the entertainment options available to consumers but has also contributed to the digital transformation of the media industry in Bangladesh.

If you have any questions about the Bdiptv then feel free to contact us and tell us your question. We will try our best to help you. Also, if you like this post then please share it on your social media profile to reach out to your friends.

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