All FTP Servers In Bangladesh (BDIX)

All FTP Servers In Bangladesh

Need bangladeshi ftp server guys? Then check here because here you will get All FTP Servers In Bangladesh (BDIX) and latest ftp movie servers that’s working perfectly for everyone. Do you know why people want to use ftp movie servers to download movies? Only ftp movie server is a platfrom where user will get high … Read more

30 Best Ftp Movie Server Bangladesh 2023

30 Best Ftp Movie Server Bangladesh 2023 (2)

Get the best FTP movie servers in Bangladesh from here. We have built a huge list of ftp movie servers where we have been listing 30+ ftp movie server which are working actively. Every single day thousend of people from bangladesh are looking for good movie server that works perfectly and provides free service but … Read more

Circle FTP Server IP Address

Circle FTP Server IP Address

Circle FTP is the Largest FTP In Bangladesh and one of the biggest movie server. Circle FTP have an IP Address, it is the default gateway address of this Circle FTP. Here we have given a comprehensive details about Circle FTP and it’s default gateway address. Also, we shared a method that help any … Read more

Ibox FTP Server IP Address


Ibox FTP server is the largest cloud based server and biggest online ftp server in Bangladesh. This FTP site has multiple menus which fully decorated by different genres. The homepage of IBox Ftp server has been decorated with Movies, Tv Series, Games, Software, Radio, And Ott Platform. Even, they also mentioned about some third party … Read more

Link3 FTP Server List | Link3 Technologies Ltd

Link3 FTP Server

Link3 FTP Server Is a service of Link3 Technologies Ltd. It is the largest internet service provider in Bangladesh. Nowadays, Link3 reached thousands of internet users. It has become popular day by day and has gotten a huge response inside country aria. The Amazing ISP Link3 Technology is offering multiple types of facilities with its … Read more

Bnet FTP – Best Online Movie Server

Bnet FTP Server

B net ftp server is one of the biggest online movie server and its known as Bnet FTP Server. The abbreviation of Bnet is Business Network. Bnet or Business Network is one of the most popular Internet Service Provider in Bangladesh. Besides, Bnet media server is a type of computer server that allows users to … Read more

Largest Bangla FTP Server BD

bangla ftp server

Here the Largest Bangla FTP Server BD listed has been given, So check it out and save it in your bucket list. Bangla FTP Site means all those ftp movie site’s that only provides different types of movies and media files for bangladeshi users. Even most of the bangla ftp server is been made for … Read more

Nagordola Live FTP & TV

Nagordola Live FTP & TV

Nagordola is another popular media FTP server that gets huge popularity over the bangladesh. After all it is a bangladeshi FTP server and people from bangladesh takes the golden opportunity to download their favorite cinemas, tv shows and web series from Nagordola FTP. Every single people from bangladesh want a free platform that gives the … Read more

Discovery FTP Server BD List

Discovery FTP Net

Discovery FTP server bd is a place of entertainment, it has 4 different server which is separated from each other. One server is for movies and another server is for live tv. In this post, we have given a short summery about every single server of Discovery ftp. After reading this content you will get … Read more